Frederique Constant Classics ‘Art of Porcelain’


There is a lot to like about Frederique Constant. Still barely 30 years old, the Swiss manufacture was the first watchmaker to open up the gates for common folks (relatively speaking) to own a Swiss-made timepiece packing an in-house movement.

They’ve recently released a limited edition watch, the Frederique Constant Classics ‘Art of Porcelain’, which will form as a part of the ‘Classics’ series’ product line.


The dial, as you’ve guessed it, is constructed from porcelain – a form of ceramic material originating from China during the Shang dynasty more than 3,000 years ago. Its creation was a joint effort between Frederique Constant and Zsolnay – a world renowned porcelain manufacturer from Hungary.

Point to note: most watch dials are made from plated brass so the use of porcelain is certainly special.

Porcelain achieves its hardness from vitrification, a technique whereby a material is melted at high heat and quickly cooled, resulting in a vitrified solid. The dial also underwent a polishing process under the hands of Zsolnay artisans ensuring that its colour will maintain its lustre for decades.


Apart from the unique material, the rest of the dial retains the touches familiar to Frederique Constant ‘Classics’ series: elegant Roman numerals and slim blued ‘feuille’ hands. The lack of a moving seconds hand allows one to admire the porcelain dial without distraction though I’ve always preferred a little more ‘action’.


At 6 o’clock, fait main (hand made) is a reminder to its wearer about the work undertaken to shape and form porcelain in such a way that would turn it into a watch dial bearing all the right properties – thickness, shine and texture.

The case measures 40 mm and has a very thin bezel with a coined edge around the sides.

Its movement is driven by the FC-302 automatic calibre (not in-house) sporting 25 jewels and a 42 hour power reserve, and is visible through a clear caseback.

Limited to 188 pieces and affordably priced at approximately SGD 2,940, the Frederique Constant Classics Art of Porcelain’ is yet another impressive stroke from the young manufacture that it can wow the world across all price points.

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Frederique Constant can be found at All Watches (, Cortina (, Du Tempus ( and other smaller authorised dealers.

For more information about Frederique Constant:

 *All images used were taken from Frederique Constant’s website


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