About The Editor


HoraHalus seeks to provide a curious peek into the world of horology, as seen through the looking glass of a middle-class executive living in the world’s most expensive city.

Its goal is to share with laymen and enthusiasts alike, the rich stories and history hidden behind the brands and watches we identify with.

If it’s the usual watch reviews/previews you’re after, there are countless sources that do it far better than I do. Too often, watch magazines focus too much on stratospheric-priced pieces well out of reach of the average Joe. Not here – I firmly believe that the joy of watch collecting can be accessible to all. While it is not the cheapest hobby,  neither is it one reserved only for the super-rich.

With that said, HoraHalus is an entirely self-run, self-funded, and self-written attempt by a man whose appetite for watches far surpasses that of his bank account, but you know, we’re all entitled to a little dream, aren’t we?

I hope you’ll find something that’s worth your time here.

To get in touch: kevin@horahalus.com / kevin.nbt@gmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/horahalus



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